Global Warming Power Plant Pollution Blankets the U.S. - EPA Clean Power Plan (VIDEO)

 vulcan_CO2_final_crop.gifThe Obama Administration EPA today issued a landmark proposal to cut global warming pollution from old coal power plants, dubbed the Clean Power Plan.  

Operating under the authority EPA has under the Clean Air Act, the rule will require reductions in carbon dioxide over time and give states a variety of flexible ways to achieve the targets...

Pausing for a second here to say that the Climate Investigations Center, in future blogs, will expose how polluters are fighting this EPA rule, who will inevitablely sue the EPA to stall and derail this like they have on other environmental laws.  We will look at the leading role of Peabody Coal, ACCCE, American Electric Power, Southern Company and other carbon kingpins in delaying climate solutions...

But for now, we thought it would be helpful to show you what corporate pollution looks like.

Most people have a hard time visualizing invisible gases like carbon dioxide (duh), which is convenient for polluters.  For beginners, millions of tons of carbon dioxide are dumped in the atmosphere daily from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas. These gases make the atmosphere act like a thicker blanket than normal, holding in more of the Sun's radiant heat. This causes global warming, supercharges the weather and we have climate chaos.


The animations on the right  show you what carbon dioxide looks like coming out of power plants across the U.S. every single day, the very pollution the EPA is trying to reduce.  The one on the top is a simulation of power plant pollution over the course of one day.  The bottom one adds a 3-D effect of the interaction of these plumes of carbon dioxide with weather systems as they roll through.  Totally cool eh!? If it wasn't so unnerving.

These animations were created by a team led by our old friend Dr. Kevin Gurney at Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences, who runs Project Vulcan, a one of a kind massive data project creating visualizations of greenhouse gas emissions.

Go to the full Power plant CO2 emissions VIDEO  

More Project Vulcan images here

Full Project Vulcan video on YouTube 'Revolutionary' CO2 maps zoom in on greenhouse gas sources

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commented 2015-02-23 10:28:12 -0800 · Flag
Number one is that, some climate deniers receive funds from corporations who claim that CO2 is not a pollutant and humans and CO2 emissions are not a significant driver of warming the earth. Two, it is also true that organizations such as Climate Investigations Center have already made up their minds that Humans and CO2 emissions are responsible for warming the earth. They and organizations like Green peace state they do not accept funding from governments or corporations but at the same time do not list the amount or the actual source of their funds.Therefore, there are two sides that are opposed to each other. One is that the science is settled and one where the science is not settled. This article is siding with the settled science groups and attempts to covey this by providing their propaganda that CO2 is so thick that it completely blankets the entire eastern half of the US. That picture is deceptive by any measure. CO2 is at a level of 400 ppm. This represents .0004 of all the atmosphere. If the percentage of pollution due to particulate matter and other gases the actual ppm would still be very small. To show pollution as a blanket is very deceptive since it is impossible to do accurately with a blanket picture.
The models used by the climate scientists have not been able to predict warming due to increasing CO2 levels. The observable evidence is there for all to see. The last 18 years has shown no increase in warming while the CO2 has increased. Does that mean there isn’t global warming? Of course not. Nearly every skeptics knows that the earth has been warming since the ice age. The real problem is that the climate scientists have not been able to identify and quantify how much factors such as CO2, other gases, dust, cloud quality and quantity, sun and solar activity and the amount that cosmic rays, ocean temperatures and flow affect and change warming and cooling. Therefore, it is premature to begin drastic changes in energy production and economic changes when the science has not proven the root causes of the warming.