Exxon Mobil - Rosneft - Russia Strategic Partnership [VIDEO]


Does Exxon have a "strategic partnership" with the United States?

Not according to Exxon.  They have no political allegiance to their home country.

But they do have one with Russia, at least according to Rosneft, a company 70 percent owned by the Russian government.

The promotional video above is on the Rosneft corporate website.  It touts the relationship in a very different way from Exxon's announcements about the deal, bragging about the drilling technology and project management expertise they gained in the deal. Exxon got the reserves they crave


There was a hearing today on energy exports in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee where Senators pushed for rapid approval of U.S. gas exports to Europe and suggested sharing fracking and drilling technology with European friends as a hedge against Russian gas.  

Many U.S. companies are already doing that in Poland and elsewhere via the 2010 Hillary Clinton State Department Global Shale Gas Initiative, working with fracking drilling companies and the oil majors.  Russia was not one of the countries the State Department was planning on sharing technology with.  Exxon decided to do that for them. And Rosneft and Russia are overjoyed.

ExxonMobil is the top U.S. natural gas producer according to the Natural Gas Supply Association data so they have a lot to gain from loosening exports U.S. gas. 

Below are some more screen captures from the Rosneft promo video that show what is at stake in the Russian Arctic and the Russian viewpoint on the "strategic partnership, including Rosneft's stake in oil and gas fields in the United States.

The voice over narrative is bold, unapologetic, unguarded, lacking the PR greenwash we are used to in the United States.  Exxon and others would probably rather speak like this than pretend to care about jobs and people. (see Chevron "We Care" campaign for example).

Give it a look and let us know what you think.


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